Ozone Based Disinfection Solutions

Ozone is a highly regarded and studied disinfection solutions against germs and bacteria and has been used broadly as a proven method to kill germs and remove odours. 

In our range we support solutions that integrate ozone in different way. Ozone gas with the use of our generators for 'places' and ozonated water to disinfect 'people'. 



Safeway Cabin

Safeway Cabin is a personal 3-step procedure for disinfection of people, providing a private full body disinfection cabin, a hand disinfection dispenser and temperature measurement.

It enables you to guarantee each user will perform a temperature reading, disinfect their hands and disinfect their body & clothes before entering your premises.

  • Touch-less temperature sensor
  • Touch-less automatic hand sanitiser
  • Full body disinfection
  • 240 people/hour capacity
  • Illuminated and compact unit

Safeway Tunnel

Safeway Tunnel is ideal for locations with higher flows of people, providing full body disinfection for several individuals simultaneously and allowing for optional hand disinfection and temperature reading.

I‍ts suitable for public locations where hands disinfection and temperature reading can be an optional step and there is a need for body & clothes disinfection of several people simultaneously.‍

  • Touch-less temperature sensor
  • Touch-less automatic hand sanitiser
  • Full body disinfection
  • Movable and retractable unit
  • Flow disinfection procedure
  • 750 people/hour capacity


Safeway Places

S‍afeway Places is a small portable and powerful ozone gas generator for disinfection's of offices, hotels, stores, factories, vehicles, and other closed spaces.

I‍t enables you to guarantee the disinfection's of any closed place and any surfaces with whom the gas makes contact with, from wood and metal to fabrics and inaccessible spots.

  • Disinfect surfaces & fabrics
  • Works with a timer
  • Removes virus & odors
  • Compact portable unit 
  • Disinfects 550 m3/hour

Safeway Spray

Safeway spray is a revolutionary technology that utilises the key benefits of Ozone and provides a multi functioning cleaning technology that can all but replace most of your other household cleaning chemicals.  

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria including Salmonella and E. Coli when used as directed
  • Harnesses the power of ozone to turn tap water into a powerful sanitiser
  • Easy-to-use rechargeable spray bottle that's environmentally friendly