Our Technologies

It is our products and technologies that set us apart and allow us to cater for many environments and many unique applications. With the implications and importance of increasing safety levels for those around us, choosing the very best technology available in paramount. 

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UV-C Disinfection

UV-C is a fast and growing technology to support environmental disinfection from bacteria and viruses because of the added benefit that they can be operated and work whilst others are present, disinfecting in the background. 

This technology works quickly to disinfect areas and then continues to do so with no ventilation, no stains and compact and portable designs.


Thermal Measurement Solutions

Thermal measurement is quickly becoming a gold standard in indication of fever and potential illness. Their processes are becoming a normal part of entering and exiting a building or routine temperature measurement to ensure safe working environments. 

We support a range of solutions from Gates to standalone and wall mounted access terminals.

Social Distancing and Track & Trace

Bump by Tharsus: With the innovative Bump system, a powerful new Personal Motion System that helps people socially distance and unlocks crucial data to keep businesses running safely during Covid-19.

Bump helps with social distancing and provides data which enables track and trace, which UK Government guidance identifies as vital in the fight against Covid-19. Bump also generates information which assists organisations to adjust operations to eliminate high contact risk areas and keep people safe.

Non-Alcohol Based Hand & Surface Sanitiser


  • Kills 99.9999% of bacteria and germs in 30s, killing Coronavirus, Norovirus, MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella, C-Diff, Listeria & more
  • Effective for up to 6 hours on hands and 30 days on surfaces
  • Alcohol free, using Benzalkonium Chloride and advanced barrier technology to provide its long lasting powers
  • Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic, Vegan and Halal friendly

Dispensing Solutions

Whether you are looking for internal, external, manual-push or touchless dispensing, we have a solution to support your needs.

Further to that, we support our own IOT driven smart dispensing solution and through our Services Team, are able to offer bespoke integrations into already running IT systems. 


Ozone Based Disinfection of People & Places

Ozone offers some of the most effective applications to kills bacteria and germs and used extensively around the world for this purpose. 

We utilise a range of ozone integrated technologies, so whether you are looking for an ozone generator to disinfectant your office or an ozone tunnel to disinfect people, there is a application for you.