Thermal Measurement Solutions

Thermal measurement solutions offer a quantifiable indication of fever and further to that of subsequent or developing illness. These innovative solutions can be used in many applications including as hall way monitors, reception or lobby based entrance terminals or full iste monitoring. 

Out units come as stand lone measurement devices with set functionality or can be fully integrated into current security and management IT infrastructure.



A Reliable Tool For Indication of Illness

Our solutions use the highest quality infrared thermal measurement devices on the market with +-0.5 degree Celsius accuracy (and +- 0.3 with additional reference device). Not only do they have medical grade measurement tolerances but they can also be fully integrated into current security and facility monitoring systems. 

These devices are also flexible to be utilised in different applications, whether you are looking for a access terminal for greeting customers, a thermal measurement gate for on the fly monitoring or a bespoke solution integrated into a sanitising station, we have the solution for you.